Moja Tu

Education Rainbow Fund

Power the Education Rainbow and make dreams come true by making a donation. We provide funding for students needing school fees as well as ancillary expenses that are required to help a student be successful including medical, vision, hearing, counseling, school materials, textbooks, clothes, etc. We believe that the way to end the cycle of poverty is through education.

Uniform Campaign

We need your help to help us fund 120 needy students with school uniforms and shoes. Did you know that it only takes $50 dollars to purchase a new school uniform and shoes for a student? That’s right. By donating today, you’re helping us make this vision a reality, one student at a time.

We’re hoping to outfit 120 students with new uniforms and shoes so they can head back to the classroom in May feeling confident in themselves. Can you help us ensure that no student is left behind and they’re outfitted and ready for their new school year?

Become a Sponsor

Looking to have a lasting impact and change a life forever? Student sponsorship gives you the opportunity to ensure a student in need receives the life-changing gift of education and helps them get out of the cycle of poverty; you also get to watch your student discover their passion, learn about the world, and build a life of success and joy.
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Corporate Giving

Social good is engrained into the corporate environment and most companies have some type of corporate giving and matching program. We are setup on Benevity, YourCause and BrightFunds. Double your impact today by making your gift through your company matching portal. Reach out to us if you have questions.

Fundraise for a Cause

Have a birthday, anniversary or another special day coming up? Let’s face it, some of us are hard to buy for. If you want to give your family and friends a gift idea that gives back, why not donate your special day to Moja Tu? Creating a Facebook fundraiser is a great way to share our cause, raise money, and give a gift idea to your friends and family! Our students will appreciate your support and generosity. Set up a Facebook Fundraiser

Shop for a Cause

Ready, set, shop! When you shop at these online locations, you can select Moja Tu as a charity to give back to. Part of your purchase goes to our students!

Donate Stock

Donate stock and increase your impact by as much as 30%. Contact us at and we can provide you our brokerage account information to trader the stock into our account. Did you know that when donating stock the market value of the stock at the time of the transfer is what's considered the donation value which means you do not pay capital gains on the increase in net value of the stock from the point of acquisition to gift.