Moja Tu

Ways To Be Involved

A. What is the penpal program?

Our penpal program pairs students in Kenya with volunteers in the United States to exchange letters and build a relationship. Sometimes, a student’s sponsor is not able to keep up a steady writing habit to their student. In this case, we will pair that student with a penpal so they can also receive the emotional support they need to be successful.

B. What are the expectations of a penpal?

As a penpal, you should write to your student at least 3 times a year, coinciding with each school break. You may send more letters over the course of the year, and you may also send pictures to your penpal.

C. What can I expect to receive as a penpal? ,/p> You will receive at least 3 letters a year from your penpal, coinciding with each school break. You may also receive letters and small gifts from your penpal after our return from our annual Kenya trip. You can also participate in our quarterly Skype calls and meet your penpal face to face.

D. What should I write in my letters to my penpal? What kinds of pictures should I send?

In your first letter to your penpal, we recommend you send a description of your life, including your family, your job, your hobbies, your pets, etc. You can also tell the student about why you want to be their penpal. Ask the student about their lives: do they have any siblings? What is their favorite school subject? What kind of sports do they like to play? What else do they like to do in their spare time? After this initial letter, conversation should flow naturally between you and your penpal. As for pictures, the students love seeing you, your friends and family, and your pets. Other ideas for pictures include recent trips you’ve taken, pictures of parks and nature, etc.

E. What subjects should I avoid in my letters to my penpal? What isn’t okay to send in pictures?

Please avoid sensitive subjects, such as race, sexual orientation, and political leanings. Please do not ask your student to purchase anything from you or for you. In pictures sent to your student, please refrain from pictures of big ticket items, such as boats, houses and cars. Most of these students are from very impoverished backgrounds, and it’s difficult to relate to such things.

F. What if I have more questions about being a penpal?

Consult our Letter Writing Tips, which you can find here, or send us an email at mailto:

A. Why should I donate my birthday?

Many of our sponsors and friends have donated their birthdays to Moja Tu. Birthdays are a great way to get the people you love involved in a cause you care about. Read about one of our friends donating her birthday to Moja Tu here!

B. How can I donate my birthday to Moja Tu?

You can either start a campaign with Facebook, or simply fundraise on your own time.

i. To create a Facebook fundraiser, click on “Fundraise” under the “Create” subheading on the left side of your Facebook Newsfeed. On the “Who are you raising money for?” page, select “Nonprofit”, then search for and select “Moja Tu”. Then, follow the prompts to finish setting up your fundraiser! Facebook will send us the money you’ve raised once your fundraiser is over.

ii. If you’d like to fundraise on your own, please be sure keep track of who donated to your fundraiser, how much they donated, and their contact information. Please provide us with this information so we can send your donors donation acknowledgements for their generosity.

Email us at if you’d like more information about donating your birthday to Moja Tu.

A. What is a Just One campaign?

A Just One campaign is your own fundraiser to help our students. You can start a Just One campaign to sponsor a student, help purchase uniforms or school supplies, fund a nature trip or career fair for the students, etc.

B. How can I get my Just One campaign started?

Start your own Just One campaign at You can also email us at if you have more questions about starting your Just One campaign.

A. Skype call volunteer:

Some student’s sponsors will not be able to attend the Skype call with their student. You can connect with a student one-on-one by volunteering to speak to a student on our Skype call! This is a great opportunity to meet your penpal, start a new friendship, or simply put a smile on a student’s face. Email us at for more information.

B. Letter writing parties:

In some cases, a sponsor is not able to write to their student consistently. You can attend one of our letter writing parties to start a penpal relationship with one or more of our students! Email us at info@mojatu.orgfor more information.

C. Have another idea to help our students?

We’d love to hear it! Email us at


A. What kinds of campaigns and fundraisers do you hold?

We love to help all students in Kenya, not just the ones in our program. We often help by holding fundraisers to purchase shoes, uniforms, textbooks, and other study materials for students in need around the country.

B. What if I want to make a donation to Moja Tu?

You can contribute to our efforts by donating to us. You can donate through MoonClerk, PayPal, or Benevity, or by writing a check to Moja Tu and mailing it to our PO box: 2900 W. Anderson Lane, C-200 #219, Austin, TX 78757.

C. Can I donate physical items to the students? What kinds of items can I donate?

You can donate physical items such as non-liquid school supplies, clothing, accessories such as watches, bracelets, purses and wallets, and toys for small children, such as jump ropes, art supplies, coloring books, and stuffed animals. Please be aware that we will not be able to take these items to the students until we return to Kenya for our annual trip. You can mail these items to 2900 W. Anderson Lane, C-200 #219, Austin, TX 78757; you can also drop these items off at Moja Tu headquarters (email us at for our address). Please provide either a receipt for these items or an estimated value of the items for us so we can send you a donation acknowledgement for your contribution.

A. What is a donation acknowledgement? What can I use it for?

A donation acknowledgement essentially acts as a receipt for your donation to Moja Tu. It details when you donated to our organization, and how much was donated. These can be used for tax deduction purposes.

B. What can I receive a donation acknowledgement for?

Any donation to our organization is tax-deductible. This includes sponsorship payments, donations made at events, campaigns, and fundraisers, and donations of physical items for the students.

C. What information do you need to send me a donation acknowledgement?

To send a donation acknowledgement, we will need your first and last name, and either your current email or mailing address. d. When can I expect to receive a donation acknowledgement? We usually make and send donation acknowledgements in one batch at the end of each month. This means that if you make a donation at any point in July, you can expect to receive your donation acknowledgement in early August. If you live outside of Texas and we are only able to send you a donation acknowledgement via post, it may take several days or weeks to receive your donation acknowledgement. Also note that if you make monthly sponsorship payments for a student, you will not receive a donation acknowledgement until after the end of the year. This is done to total up your payments for the entire year and limit the amount of papers we send to you. e. What if I don’t receive a donation acknowledgement? If you do not receive a donation acknowledgement when you expect to, first ensure that you have supplied us some form of contact to which we can send a donation acknowledgement, like an email address or your current mailing address. If you have sent us this information, please email us atinfo@mojatu.orgwith your question about the status of your donation acknowledgement.