Moja Tu

Epic Nature Trip

P1200356Our Nature Day trip was a success!! Our students had such a fantastic time touring the Tsavo West National Park. Thank you to everybody who donated and made this trip possible, we sincerely appreciate it. We know this trip was a memorable life experience for our students.

We started our 81/2-hour trip from Children’s Dream Home at 5:30 am and arrived at our destination with plenty of daylight to enjoy the scenery and animals as we drove through miles of green acres of land. On our way to the Lodge, we encountered 3 Cheetah cubs and a Giraffe. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! After freshening up, settling into the lodge, and having had lunch. A couple of our board members who joined us on the trip, along with our students planted indigenous trees around the Lodge grounds. Giving back to the community is a fundamental core value we try to instill in our students.P1200429

After our tree planting ceremony, we descended on another safari ride, where we saw an elephant on the side of the road enjoying fresh greens. We also encountered plenty of Dik-Diks. Around sunset, we returned to our lodge for dinner where we had the opportunity to see a leopard feeding, as our tour guide gave an environmental conservation talk.

On Day two of our trip, we again were up bright and early at 6:00 am ready to start the second half of the trip. We embarked on another Safari ride after breakfast and saw Baboons, Zebras, Giraffe’s, Monkeys, and more Elephants. Along the journey, we stopped at two different volcanic locations where our tour guide James gave a thorough explanation of the Shetani Lava Flow. Did you know “Shetani” means ‘devil’ in Kiswahili; the local people believed it was the devil himself emerging from earth some 200 years ago when the last eruption took place. IMG_1046

Lastly, we took a small trail hike through the river bank, where we saw a couple of Hippopotamus, local trees, and monkeys roaming around the trail.

After several Safari rides, animal sightings, and fun-filled activities we again started our long journey en route to Dream Children’s Home. It was a jam-packed trip, but it was filled with lots of memories, laughs, and excitement. Making it totally worth it!