Moja Tu

Edwin’s Journey

Edwin was one of our first students to join a university. Over the years, we have watched Edwin grow from a fresh young mind in his first year of higher education to a wise young man, ready to join the work force. He is a high-achieving student who earns excellent grades, and we know he will have a huge impact on his community, country, and fellow Kenyans in the future. We recently caught up with Edwin to reflect with him on his journey through education with Moja Tu. Here’s what Edwin had to say:

“My name is Edwin, and I’m 22 years old. I’m finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics at Kenyatta University. I have one brother and two sisters. The only home my siblings and I have known has been Sons of Manaseh Children’s Home. When I completed high school in 2013 with a mean grade of a B+, the children’s home was not able to fully cover my university fees. I returned to Sons of Manaseh after a year of schooling, feeling as though my future was slipping away from me. My dreams seemed unrealistic and out of my reach without a university education. I was set to drop out of school in 2015. Luckily, Moja Tu stepped in and offered to sponsor me at this time.

Three years later, things are better than they have ever been. After returning to Kenyatta University with Moja Tu’s help, I have discovered my own potential and interests. In addition to my regular coursework for my degree, I have also taken up extra classes in SPSS and STATA, which are data analysis software common in businesses. For the past two years, I have also acted as the organizing secretary of The President’s Award for my university. I am responsible for planning and organizing events for the club. In particular, I have organized several hiking outings, which has given me the opportunity to visit many parts of the country.

I look forward to joining the workforce and building a career out of what I have been studying. I would like to venture into data analytics and will soon establish my own data consultancy. This will enable me to be self-reliant and also give back to others, especially the less fortunate in my community. I have a saying I like to share with people: “THOSE TO WHOM MUCH HAS BEEN GIVEN, MUCH WILL BE REQUIRED.” It is my dream to be able to give back to the country and community that raised me. Life may not always go the way I expect, but I have the skills and knowledge to pull through any rough moments thrown my way.

As a Moja Tu student, the most important thing that I have learned is to be responsible. To build a better society, everyone has to play their own part as best they can. From keeping up with my own assignments to helping out the younger students with their schoolwork, my responsibilities have grown as I have gotten older, and I am excited to see what new responsibilities I will gain as I grow. My message to my younger brothers and sisters in Moja Tu and beyond is that we must all strive to change our lives by taking action and being responsible for ourselves.

As I finish, I would like to thank my sponsors, Monique and Mary, for always being there for me. Other than paying my university fees and upkeep, you have always encouraged me and motivated me to stay on course. I’m so grateful and proud of you, and may God bless you both.’’