Moja Tu

Meet David: Living His Miracle!

A few years ago, David’s education hung in the balance. He had just completed class eight and was looking forward to joining a good high school that would power his dream of eventually joining university. “I scored good grades in primary school and it was my hope that I would miraculously be able to attend a good high school, where I would be able to maximize my potential,” he says. However, the situation at his home was dire and he knew that the only way he would attend a good school was through a miracle.

That miracle came in the form of Moja Tu as his plight caught the attention of the organization. David’s bright, visionary mind immediately caught the eye of our staff. He knew exactly what he wanted and believed in the empowering nature of education. His potential was obvious to everyone around him, and we immediately took him in to our program, where he quickly found a sponsor.

David never took a moment of his “miracle” for granted. With a sponsorship to support him, he was able to fully focus on his studies, which he took up with zeal. He posted some of the highest marks in his class throughout his 4 years of high school. When he sat for the KCSE exit examinations, no one in our organization was worried about him; we all knew David would pass with flying colors. Sure enough, when the results were released David had performed exceptionally well in these highly competitive examinations.

In January this year, David reported to university for a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health – health records and information management at Kenyatta University, one of the top schools in the Nairobi area. “It was all so surreal. I had been hoping for a miracle to simply finish high school, and now my university career is ahead of me. I foresee a bright future in this field,” he says ecstatically.

Not even the COVID-19 disruption could put a damper on his spirits. See, David was supposed to join university last year in September, but as the pandemic raged on, his start date was pushed back to January this year. Not one to laze around, David got a job as a cashier at a local restaurant. When not working, he was helping at home with chores and looking forward to the next step in his education.


What’s his biggest motivation? “To pull my family out of poverty and give them a stable future. I also look forward to using the knowledge and skills gained in school to empower the next generation in my community,” he says. What does the future hold for this brilliant young man? “In five years, I hope to have finished my undergraduate studies and be actively contributing to my community, country, and the world at large,” he says.

David is grateful for the opportunity Moja Tu and his sponsor have given him to chase his dreams and he is looking to paying it forward. “One of my biggest takeaways from being with Moja Tu is the value of kindness. Take it from me, your kindness can change the world,” he concludes.

Joy Katanu