Moja Tu

Changing Class 8’s Future!

Here at Moja Tu, we always encourage our students to give back to others whenever they can. Many of our university students give back by helping their peers with their schoolwork. We asked Erick, a university student hoping to work with younger students as a teacher in the future, to give us a look at how he helps them prepare for an upcoming milestone: their primary exit exams, the KCPE. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s my life’s goal to help these young students, and Moja Tu has given me the opportunity to start early. After my university classes on for the week finish, I head to Dream Children’s Home to spend the weekend with the class 8 students. On Friday evenings, I usually give them a mini-test in the form of a set of questions about social studies. On Saturday mornings, the students break into small groups of four, where I lead them in reviewing the test from the night before and answer any questions they have. In these groups, they also have the opportunity to learn from and teach each other, which is often very useful for students. The groups review until 12pm; then, we have a break and meet again later in the evening for an intense review of the subjects they are learning about in their social studies classes. It appears that the students’ hard work is paying off; on last year’s KCPEs, social studies was the second-highest scoring section on the test for our Moja Tu students overall!

At the beginning of each month, I am able to buy mock exams, which I give to the students in order to gauge the areas in which they are struggling. I can then tailor my lesson plans each month to ensure that I cover these areas thoroughly. I also enjoy inviting my friends from Kenyatta university to visit the students at the beginning of each term to give motivational talks and equip our students with different strategies to help them study. This term I’m planning on doing something a little different by actually bringing the students to Kenyatta for a visit. I hope they’ll be inspired by the university environment to keep working hard so they can someday come here to study!

Teaching these young minds is challenging, but it is also more than rewarding for me. I’m looking forward to seeing them succeed in school, move on to university, and begin their own lives as young adults in the near future. It’s thanks to Moja Tu that I have been able to hone my own skills as a teacher, and that these students have been given hope of a better future for themselves through education. Thank you to everyone who sponsors a student with Moja Tu – you will never know how profoundly your involvement has changed our lives for the better!”