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Celebrating Sponsor Moms

Who is a mother? A mother is a superhero and has a meaningful impact on one’s life. Mothers are selfless, unique, and always ready to lend an ear. Going by this definition and by our students’ admission, their sponsors fit the description of moms to a T. They took a moment to celebrate their newfound moms.


Mwendwa, 23, Bachelor in Nursing

Mwendwa, a Bachelor of Nursing Student

Mwendwa is a third-year student at Egerton University. He appreciates and applauds Kathy for sponsoring him and being a mother to him and the many children in Moja Tu. “My mother is hardworking, caring, and humble,” he says.

In Kathy, Mwendwa says he found a cheerleader who continually pushes him to be better by walking with him as he discovers himself. “I love Kathy because she is compassionate and ready to listen to me when I have a problem,” he asserts and adds that he has learned to be kind to others as Kathy has inspired him to help anyone in need.

He enjoys communicating with Kathy through letters and video calls. These activities have helped cement and grow their relationship. “One of my favorite moments with Kathy is when she visited Kenya in April, and I got to see her face-to-face. We had a candid conversation, took pictures, and got to catch up with one another. I was happy as I hadn’t seen her for three years due to Covid-19,” he offers.

Kathy has taught him to believe in himself and constantly reminds him that he has the potential to achieve great things in life. “Mother’s Day is extraordinary since we all get to celebrate our mothers. On this special day, I acknowledge Kathy for her work in Moja Tu, for me, and for being the best mum. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Kathy, and all mothers in the world,” he says with gratitude.


Patricia, 18, Bachelor of Arts Education – English and literature

Patricia is a first-year student at Moi University. Her sponsor Audrey has shaped her life and taught her how to become a woman of

Patricia, a Bachelors of Education student

substance. “I am proud to have Audrey as my mother. She is amazing, gorgeous, and the best mum in the world. She is fun, loving, caring, gentle, and considerate,” she says with pride.

Patricia loves Audrey’s ability to rationalize and work through any situation, a virtue that she admires and hopes to emulate in her life. “Every moment with Audrey is the best, but my favorite moment is when we get to video call and exchange letters,” she says and adds that this has helped her form a connection with Audrey and allows them to know more about each other.

Audrey has taught her the importance of hard work, treating others with respect, and always remembering where she has come from. These lessons have come in handy as she navigates through life and pursues her goals.

Mother’s Day is special to her as she shows gratitude to Audrey for loving and mentoring her. She’s grateful to Audrey for supporting her education and believing in her potential to achieve great things. “Happy Mother’s Day, Audrey!” she says.

Ester, 21, Bachelor of Tourism Management

Ester is a first-year student at the Technical University of Kenya. Nakia, her sponsor, has supported her education for the past six years, and they have had tremendous growth in forming a mother-daughter bond. “Today being Mother’s Day, I would like to celebrate Nakia. She has been a mother to me for the past six years and has continued to shower me with her unconditional love and care,” she says with excitement.

Ester loves Nakia’s novels and poems as they are full of creativity and are intriguing. This inspires her also to want to be great in her career.

Her favorite moment with Nakia is during video calls as they get to interact, learn more about each other and update one other about their lives.

“Nakia has taught me to aim higher and believe in myself. This has made me gain confidence and leadership skills. I am a class representative due to her making me believe I am capable of leading others,” she says.

Mother’s Day is important to Esther as she celebrates the woman who has encouraged her to pursue her goals. Nakia has walked with her throughout the years as she takes steps to achieve her plans to bring change to her family and community.

“She is a great inspiration to me because I am encouraged to keep pushing to achieve my goals through her achievements. On Mother’s day, I celebrate and appreciate her support, care, and love. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, and may all Moja Tu mothers continue transforming many lives,” she says.

Elijah, 23, Bachelor of Science in nursing and public health 

Elijah is a second-year student at Kenyatta University. His sponsor, Miranda, has played a role in helping him become a responsible and hardworking young man. “Miranda is kind, selfless, and a strong woman, and I love her for being a good listener and patient with me,” he says with excitement.

Miranda has taught Elijah to listen to others and the importance of friendship. These lessons have guided him to be more empathetic to others. “My favorite moment with my mum Miranda is during video calls. I like how we communicate freely, talk about school and life outside school,” he says

Elijah cherishes the encouragement he gets from his sponsor, and this has helped him have a can-do attitude and a resilient spirit. He says that she is also very supportive of his dreams and supports him to achieve them.

Mother’s Day is a special moment for him as he celebrates his mum Miranda for supporting his education, being involved in his life outside of school, and being his cheerleader. “I love you, Miranda, and celebrate you on this Mother’s Day,” he says and adds that he is lucky to have her in his life.

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