Moja Tu

Building Moral Pillars

Erick, a future teacher, knows that helping students goes beyond simply giving them knowledge in the classroom. It also means helping them develop the values and tools they need to put this knowledge to use in order to better both themselves and their communities. Here’s how Erick is training our students to be good human beings:

“As a teacher my greatest dream is to give the best of myself to the youth of our nation. I hope to train the next generation of leaders and help them achieve all their goals. In addition, I hope to build each of my students’ moral centers and show them how to be good people by example. During my time with Moja Tu, I have done my best to be a leader and mentor to my peers, many of whom are on the cusp of adulthood and independence.

During our holiday tutoring sessions, I help oversee all the students and ensure that everyone is accounted for and where they should be. I also make sure that Dream Children’s Home is treated with respect during the students’ stay. To help ensure this, I help the students create a duty roster, in which all the chores around the home are listed and assigned to groups of students to complete. The kids wake up at 6am to eat breakfast, then tackle their chores, and are ready to begin their classes at 8am. After classes, many of the students will approach me to help them tackle different questions pertaining to geography and C.R.E, which are the subjects I am training to teach in the future.

I hope to touch each of my student’s lives as a teacher – as such, lessons for my students extend beyond the classroom as well. In the evenings during holiday tutoring, I hold worship session with the students. These sessions are a great way to remind our students (and our program’s leaders) to stay morally upright, to exercise self-control, and support each other. These sessions are fun and easy for me, since I have already received a ministry certification.

As a future geography teacher, it is important to me that our students experience the natural world. To help with this, I always organize a short hiking trip in Ngong Hills with the students. These hikes are a valuable part of field work in geography. While on the hikes, students learn how to take aerial photographs of the land, recognize different natural features, and observe different natural phenomena such as soil erosion and vegetation growth. These hikes are a great way to break up the monotony of classwork; with every hike, I hope to spark curiosity in my students to learn more about the world around them, and how to take care of it properly.

Lastly, I invite my friends from university to visit the form 4 students at Dream Children’s Home and give advice to help them advance their desired careers. By having university students help them pick a good university and degree program, our form 4 students learn the value of planning ahead and are inspired to work hard now to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. It is also inspiring for them to be visited by someone in a university – it makes our students think “if they can do it, why not us?”

Being a teacher goes beyond simply walking a student through their academics – it’s about showing that student to be a good human being. I have done my best to instill in my students such values as responsibility, kindness, curiosity, and more. Through all this, I have been sure to give my students’ my best in return. By investing myself in my students, I hope to show them that someone cares about their development. Having someone believe in them (like a teacher of a sponsor) will go a long way in helping our students achieve their goals.”