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Back to School with Moja Tu!


Here at Moja Tu, we are always looking for ways to help students all over Kenya succeed. For some, this means supplying basic necessities, such as textbooks, backpacks, pens, notebooks, shoes, uniforms, mattresses, trunks, toothbrushes, and a myriad number of other items that are vital to a student’s comfort and concentration in class. For others, this means finding a special person who can help them pay for the fees associated with attending school in Kenya, in addition to the supplies mentioned above. There is no wrong way to help these students, and every dollar given counts!

Most high schools in Kenya are boarding schools and will not allow students to attend class without the items vital for daily functioning. Unfortunately, many families in Kenya are unable to afford these necessities, let alone the costly school fees also required by secondary schools. By donating to our Back-to-School fund, you are helping these students stay in class by providing them with the items they need to function daily. Can you help a student by purchasing these necessary supplies? Donate today at!

For other students, a larger issue than simply purchasing school and personal supplies remains: paying for school fees. If a student is unable to afford these fees, they run the risk of being kicked out of school at a moment’s notice. They could be pulled out of class, asked to gather up their things, and be forced to find their own way back home. This is the scary reality that our newest group of students seeking sponsorship find themselves in. These 35 students were selected from over 200 applicants. They went through a rigorous application process, and have proven themselves to be bright, dedicated to their classes, and ready to work hard to achieve their goals. Can you help one of these deserving students continue their academic journey? Sponsor a student today! See them all at

However you choose to give, your donation will have a tremendous impact on the life of a child in Kenya. Beyond providing the basics and paying for school fees, you will also give a student something even more powerful – hope for a better future, with a good education to build it. Help a student in Kenya today!