Moja Tu


Prior to 2014, Angela and her family lived a fairly comfortable life. Then their father passed away, and things took a turn for the worse. With no one to provide for her family, Angela’s mom had to step up to the plate. She had to resort to looking for menial labor jobs in their neighborhood. Some days she is lucky to land a job; other days, luck is not on her side. On these days, the family must go hungry.

It goes without saying that in light of potentially starving some days, Angela’s education has not been a priority for her family. Though she had been able to earn a solid score of 322 points out of 500 in primary school, she had often had to miss class to help her mother at home. This put her goal of becoming a lawyer in jeopardy. When asked why she wanted to become a lawyer, Angela recalled several cases of political instability in Kenya and said she hoped to one day help steer the country’s judicial system in the right direction. This, she says, will help address the many injustices that abound and stabilize the country as a whole.

Angela’s attention to the political climate of her country at such a young age clearly demonstrates that she is an engaged member of her society, and passionate about her goal of becoming a lawyer. Thanks to Moja Tu, Angela is now pursuing her studies at Graceland Girls Senior School, a major step in her journey towards actualizing her dreams. She is posting very impressive grades and we are immensely proud of her.

Outside of class, Angela is an active member of her school’s handball team and has participated in several interschool competitions. She loves studying and playing with her schoolmates in her spare time. Angela is already so knowledgeable about her country’s political atmosphere, and she is determined to help improve her country as a lawyer in future.

Joy Katanu