Moja Tu

6 Years Strong!

2019 is a momentous year for Moja Tu: we have now been helping students in Kenya earn their education for 6 years! For 6 years, we have worked tirelessly to make the world a better place by helping young students in Kenya finish their education. As our birthday month draws to a close, we can’t help but reflect back on our 6 years as an organization.

We ended our very first year with 30 students sponsored – the pioneer students of Moja Tu. This month, we caught up with 3 of these students: Joshua, Joy and Kelvin. They have taken the next step in making their dreams a reality by attending college. Joshua is living large in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa, where he is earning a degree in hospitality and tourism management. Joy is building her future, and the future of the world at large, by studying computer science at Dedan Kimathi University. Kelvin has always dreamed of becoming an electrical engineer and improving his community with innovative electrical solutions; now, he’s making that dream a reality by studying electrical engineering at Nairobi’s Nkabune Training Institute. Their futures, once unsure and distant, are beginning to take solid shape, thanks to their wonderful sponsors and our amazing supporters.

Poverty is a cycle, perpetuated by lack of education. Education equips people with the skills needed to break the cycle of poverty and improve their futures. The catch is that in extremely impoverished situations, getting an education often takes a backseat to simply staying alive – ensuring your family has enough to eat, or simply has a roof over their heads. Without the funds to provide for the basic needs, many people are unable to get their education, and thus the cycle of poverty and defeat continues.

At Moja Tu, we aim to break the cycles of poverty that our students, their families, and their communities at large find themselves trapped in by investing in their education. We do this by partnering students in Kenya with sponsors to pay for their school fees and supplies. When a student knows that their required school fees are paid and they don’t have to worry about staying in school, they can focus on getting their education and the skills they need to break out of the cycle of poverty. A sponsor provides not only financial support, but peace of mind and moral encouragement as well; knowing that someone truly cares and wants them to succeed motivates our students to earn their education and escape the cycle of poverty.

Helping one student to get an education can also ignite a spark in the student’s community. As the student begins to build their career and gain financial success, they are not likely to leave their family behind – in this way, the student’s family benefits from their child earning their education. One student’s success also has an impact on the other children in the student’s community. By seeing their peer succeed, other kids are motivated to work hard, earn their education, and escape their own cycle of poverty as well. Future generations are also impacted by one student’s education as that student begins to build their career and better their country overall. The ripples of just one student’s success echo throughout the world!

Joy, Joshua, Kelvin, and the 40 other Moja Tu university and college students would not have been able to finish high school without outside help. The same can be said for the 75 secondary students now sponsored through Moja Tu. Thanks to your help as a Moja Tu supporter, not only are these students assured a high school diploma if they work hard, but they can also pursue even higher levels of education, such as certificates, unversity degrees, and perhaps eventually even Master’s degrees. Education has no limits!

Moja Tu has spread its wings and helped many bright students across Kenya to soar. We are working our hardest to replace the cycles of poverty many of our students find themselves in with a cycle of success, and give rise to cycles of hope in their communities. The words of the great Nelson Mandela remain at our core: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”