Moja Tu

Meet Peter

The Samburu community in Kenya faces many challenges, including famine, early marriages, and rampant intertribal wars and cattle raids. As a teenage boy, Peter was expected to participate in tribal activities such as raiding other tribes or serving as a warrior. However, Peter was determined to go to school and would spend any moment away from his tribal duties at a free primary school nearby. He had a passion for education, and despite the fact that he attended school a few hours each week, this passion earned him excellent grades and paved the way to secondary school.

Peter was accepted at a National secondary school, and after some pressure from Peter’s primary school, his father took him. However, he did not have the money necessary for school fees, or any supplies for academics or his personal life.  His school recognized Peter’s extreme situation and accepted him regardless. Peter quickly adapted to his new life and picked up his good grades once again. He also discovered a talent for athletics, and participates in 3000-meter races at school.

Peter’s community is nomadic, and every time he returns after school has finished, something has changed. He was devastated when he last returned and found that his 15-year-old sister had been married off. With the support from the Moja Tu community, Peter has a better chance of realizing his dreams, and creating a better future for himself.