Moja Tu

Meet Hildah

Though Hildah is the smallest girl in her primary school’s class 8, she also has the biggest brain. On her latest examination, she scored an extremely impressive 372/500 marks. She aspires to be a lawyer in the future, hoping to protect the rights of oppressed children. She notes the violations and early marriages many of her classmates have experienced as inspiration for her career goals. Hildah also loves playing football with her classmates, saying that it is a fun past time to distract her from her hectic academic and at-home life.

Hildah is the firstborn child to a single mother, with 3 younger siblings to worry about as well. Her mother serves as house help in Nakuru, where she earns a living by doing people’s laundry. She is not able to live with her children, as she is constantly moving from place to place in search of work. Currently, Hildah lives with her aging grandmother, who has no stable source of income and relies on her half-acre land for subsistence farming to provide for the family, leaving her no extra funds for education. Additionally, her grandmother is diabetic, making work even harder for her. Without help, Hildah’s mother and grandmother lack the capacity to provide her with a secondary education. Without her education, Hildah will be trapped in the same poverty cycle as her mother and grandmother, or might even end up trapped in an early marriage. Help Hildah build a better future for herself and her family by sponsoring her education today!