Moja Tu

Alvin’s Determination

Having grown up in the slums of Nairobi, Alvin learned at an early age that education is the best way out of poverty. With this knowledge, Alvin worked his hardest throughout his primary school career, and earned a very impressive grade on his exit exam. However, Alvin’s family was unable to afford the high costs associated with going to secondary school, and Alvin was forced to miss a year of school. During this time, Alvin worked on the large estates in the wealthier areas of Nairobi, and visited every public office he could to try and find a way to attend school. It was at this time that we heard about Alvin’s situation, and were able to finally make his wish to attend secondary school come true!

Alvin joined form 1 at Stephjoy Boys High School at the beginning of 2018, and quickly proved that he had not forgotten the lesson he learned about hard work. Since joining secondary school, Alvin has posted all A’s. His favorite subject is Mathematics, which he says he loves the problem-solving nature of. He also enjoys Geography and CRE. Alvin also extends his knowledge to other students by leading several study groups outside of class. He loves being in school, and does not take the opportunity to earn his education for granted.

Every hard worker needs a break once in a while, and Alvin is no exception. In his free time, he enjoys playing football with his friends. He tells us that the sport allows him to take his mind off of his studies for a little and just focus on moving around and enjoying himself. He looks forward every day to 5pm to play a few rounds of football before diving back into his school work.

Alvin is determined to work in medicine when he gets older, and he knows that he will have to work hard in order to achieve this goal. Luckily, Alvin has already learned the value of hard work, and demonstrates this understanding in everything he does. We are amazed by Alvin’s work ethic and discipline, and we look forward to walking with him as he continues his education.